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Pastor Bill Campbell

Expectancy 2019
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During His ministry, Jesus resurrected several people from the dead. As Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and since He has given us His authority and power – who are we in Christ? Join us as Pastor Bill shares on RESSURECTION, beginning 31 March at 10 am.
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On His journey to the cross, Jesus faced many trials and suffered through them all. Visit Life Bridge on Good Friday, March 21 (noon to 2 pm or 5 to 7 pm), and take your personal tour through His journey.
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Easter Egg Extravaganza

Break into Spring with an Easter Egg Extravaganza. It is a fun filled day with a helicopter EGG Drop, activities and prizes. Great for the entire family. Invite your friends and neighbors. Be here promptly at 10 am, Saturday, 13 April to see the egg drop. MARK your calendar and don't miss the FUN!!
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Do you want to have a better understanding of what the Bible says about healing; how God looks at health and healing and how your faith can access the blessings of health & healing? You will want to attend this class - begining Sunday, 17 March at 6:00 pm - right here at Life Bridge. Click "learn more" for details.
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