LBC Connections

LBC Connections

Groups at Life Bridge are diverse – Interest/Study Groups and Serve Teams. Each has a different focus and provides an opportunity for individuals to “plug in” to an area in which they believe fits their need or calling.

Life Bridge Groups are scheduled on a semester basis and begins with LBC Connections, an event that allows individuals to “sign up” for the group of their choice or reconnect with their previous group. The Spring semester begins in February and the Fall semester begins in September. Often, groups continue to meet at a relaxed frequency during the summer.

If an individual misses LBC Connections and wants to join a specific group, they can contact the Group Leader.

Interest/Study Groups

Interest groups provide the opportunity for individuals to engage in areas with specific appeal.

Study Groups generally provide the opportunity to "Lean In”. These groups utilize a video, book, or discussion with the purpose of helping to learn more about our Heavenly Father and to aid in deepening our relationship with God. As relationships strengthen within the group, they develop into a small community, sharing a co-dependency of support, as they journey together in their walk with Christ. Some of the Study Groups “Launch Out” missionally as they serve the Fort Wayne area in various ways.

Serve Teams

Serve Teams are focused, for the most part, on providing the foundation for Life Bridge’s Sunday morning service, but also provide support throughout the week.

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