Sunday Service begins at 10:00 am

Truth & Gace

Bill Campbell

Expectancy 2019
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Group Connection

Sign Up for the Group of your choice and let's Navigate Life's Puzzles as we join in community to do Life Together. Pick up a Group Booklet Sunday, 20 January and then sign up for groups of your choice on 27 January or 3 February. Engage in community!!
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LBC Basics

Do you want to learn more about the fundamentals of our Christian faith? On 13 January at 6:00 pm, Gen Westerfield will be teaching a 6 week class - LBC Basics. This class is for those new in their journey with Christ and for those desiring a refresher in the basics.
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Monday Night Engagement

Come join us this Monday, 28 January at 6:30 pm for a powerful night of prayer and worship. Be here and let God invade your spirit.
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Truth and Grace

How do we balance truth and grace in our Christian journey? An extreme focus on either can lead to legalism or permissiveness. In his series beginning on 13 January, Pastor Bill will explore the ways to bring balance to TRUTH & GRACE.
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