Join Us Sunday Morning at 10 AM EST


Event Starts
Mar 1 at 8:30 am
Event Ends
Mar 15 at 9:30 am



Beginning 12 January, Kim Bendele will be teaching an 8 week series on “The Authority of the Believer”. See details below.

Childcare is available by reservation a week in advance. Sign Up at the Neighborhood Welcome Desk.

Do you have authority you don’t know about, haven’t discovered, and you’re not using?

“Many Christians are praying and asking God to come over and flip their switches.They don’t realize He’s placed that power on the inside of them.They don’t recognize their responsibility to flip their own switches.They aren’t believing God’s Word, which reveals they now have the power, authority and responsibility.Instead of commanding and releasing this power that’s been given to them, they pray and ask God.That’s just as silly as asking the electric company to come over and turn on your lights.”

(Andrew Wommack)

I invite you to join me Sunday mornings to:

· Gain Awareness of It!

· Learn How to Use It!

· Activate It!

(Note:Please bring your Bibles and notebooks)

Class Schecule:

To be announced