Sunday Service begins at 10:00 am


Event Starts
Jan 27 at 9:00 am
Event Ends
Feb 3 at 12:00 pm
Life Bridge Church



One of the distinctive elements of Life Bridge Church is community. Community is vital to the body of Christ and is an organic part of what God intended in establishing the church. We need each other and we thrive on relationship interaction. One of the primary ways we connect at Life Bridge Church is through the various opportunities provided by our Groups. We encourage you to explore the opportunities for connecting this Spring Season. As we each find our place, we will become a stronger church family, and we will individually enhance blessing in our lives! Pastors Bill & Grace

The 2019 Spring Term begins with the opportunity to sign up for groups of your choice or to re-join your current groups.

Group Booklets will be available in the lobby on Sunday 20 January. Take one and review all the groups that are available.

Group sign up is on 27 January & 3 February . Be sure to sign up with your selections.